Tuesday, December 30, 2008

'Vatican Splendors' exhibit extended in St. Paul

A rare exhibit of Vatican art and artifacts is being extended an extra week in St. Paul.

The exhibit, called "Vatican Splendors" is at the Minnesota History Center. It includes 200 items, including one of the oldest representations of the face of Jesus Christ.

The exhibit opened Sept. 27 and will now run through Jan. 19. After that, all the objects must go back to Italy.

Minnesota History Center Director Dan Spock says the exhibit's attendance has surpassed that in other cities. In response to demand, the History Center has extended its hours.

Among the treasures is, "Daniel in the Lion's Den," a 17th-century statue created by famed sculptor and architect Lorenzo Bernini. It's the first time its been displayed outside the Vatican.

St. Paul is the last stop of the exhibit's U.S. tour. Star Tribune

Vatican Splendors: http://www.vaticansplendors.com

Minnesota History Center: http://www.mnhs.org.

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