Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AOTM: There were 370 last time when atheism was the topic: This time: War

"Does Catholicism = Pacificism?" Is there a "Just War?"

No details yet, but the second Tuesday of February, the 10th will be the next debate at the Argument of the Month Club!

The next forum on February 10th will be centered around the issue of WAR!

Can a good Catholic believe in a just war or is that a thing of the past?’ Many have taken this position and many more do not believe you can be pro life and believe in a just war. We will hear from a former pacifist radical of the 60s. He has converted and become a radical for the “Just War Argument” ( and all things manly). Dr. David Pence, (alias Dr. Intense).

His proposed debate opponent (a pacifist of course) is the head of the Justice and Peace department of the university of St. Thomas. He has not formally accepted the debate but we will keep you posted. If you have never heard Dr. Intense he is very, well, ”intense.” The AOTM believes, whether you love him or hate him, he will give you a informative debate that will be full of humor and passion. Which is a great recipe for a very entertaining and informative evening.

Speaking of recipes here is a little menu teaser for y’all.

The AOTM will be serving up a little taste of New Orleans. Fat Tuesday is just around the corner so we are going to spice things up a bit for y’all. We will serve a great Cajun dish, either jambalaya or gumbo or both! We will have some Louisiana Hot Wings for starters (and yes celery for those of you watching their girlish figure). I heard some of the men were complaining that they wanted a little less meat. What kind of man says that? Well here you go, you girlly men! I will put out mountains of celery for you boys! I can’t wait until Father Echert hears this! You girly men are in for some trouble! We have to up hold our image as one person put it, The AOTM Coronary Kitchen! We will end the meal with a fantastic heart-stopping desert. I promise!

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