Friday, May 14, 2010

Ray is in the Hospital!

5/9/10: The primary author of this blog, Ray from MN (Ray Marshall), is in the hospital with pneumonia. At this point, he expects to be home on Tuesday. Prayers appreciated!

I'll keep you posted-Cathy

Update 5/10/10 9:15 p.m. by Cathy of Alex:
Just got home from visiting Ray. He is still using oxygen and the nebulizer and he sounds very phlegmy in his voice and coughing (which is frequent). However, he sat up during our entire visit and his temp, which was high yesterday, is down to normal. Ray was VERY happy to read that people are praying for him. I printed out the comments to the blog posts, from several blogs, that mentioned he was hospitalized and took them with me to the hospital and left them with him. Terry went to see him today and griped to Ray that at least they could've given him a nice robe to wear! What do our taxes pay for?!? Classic Ter. (kidding). Also, Swissmiss (come back, Swissy!) and her son paid him a visit and she brought him some treats! A priest has visited him and he was Anointed. Also, he received Communion on Sunday. As Catholics we need to, and I'm being totally serious, make sure our loved ones are as well taken care of spiritually in hospital as they are physically.

I'll be surprised if they let him go home tomorrow as Ray is hoping. I don't think he's ready for that yet.

Update 5/12/10 5:50 AM: Ray is home!!!! I talked to him last night but was so happy (and busy) I forgot to update the blog! He is tired and plans to rest.He is still very phlegmy. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

Update 5/14/10 10:30 AM: Just talked to Ray, he is tired and resting as much as possible. But, he's still glad to be home!
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