Monday, March 12, 2007

Nicollet Island NIMBY Lawsuit Dismissed; Yuppie Neighbors Filed in the Wrong Court

The lawsuit filed by the newly-arrived neighbors of historic DeLaSalle High School contesting permission granted by the City of Minneapolis for the construction of its first athletic field adjacent to the school was dismissed by the court for lack of jurisdiction.
A Hennepin County District Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit that tried to stop DeLaSalle High School from building an athletic field on historic Nicollet Island in Minneapolis.

Last week, Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum dismissed claims made by several groups, including Friends of the Riverfront, a group of homeowners and users of parks on the island. Claims in the suit against the city of Minneapolis, the Park Board and City Council President Barbara Johnson -- a DeLaSalle board member -- also were dismissed.

"We're very pleased with the decision," said Brother Michael Collins, DeLaSalle's president and chief executive officer. "Our reasons, however, are consistent with what has motivated us for the last century: the education and formation of city kids." Groundbreaking plans are not yet final, Collins said.

Chris Steller of Friends of the Riverfront said Rosenbaum told the parties that her court didn't have jurisdiction and didn't address the merits of the claim StarTribune

One wonders how these sophisticated connoisseurs of the good life secluded from noise and outsiders could have made such a grievous legal error. I suppose they will continue their tantrum and cost the City of Minneapolis and the school more money in their attempt to keep their seclusion.

Go Islanders!
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