Monday, May 19, 2008

Call To Action Member Doesn't Like Archbishop Nienstedt

Underneath a nice photo of Archbishop Nienstedt, B. W., Minneapolis, had a letter to the editor of the StarTribune published Saturday May 16. Evidence has been found that indicates that he is a member of Call To Action, the dissident Catholic geezer-group that doesn't seem to have any members under 60. Patrick Phillips, President of the Catholic Defense League of Minnesota, has submitted a response to the paper today.

Call To Action is just another of the many groups that have grown up after Vatican Two that forty years afterwards, is still attempting to re-interpret the documents of the Council to serve their own relativistic, progressive, protestant agenda.

A Man of faith and a man of questions

On May 2, Archbishop John Nienstedt became the official archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. He does not come from the local faith community here. The local faith community had little, if any say in his coming. He was selected and sent here by the institutional part of the Catholic Church --- the Roman Curia with Pope Benedict's approval.
With the new archbishop's arrival, there is a crucial question in the air. This crucial question directly affects Catholics living here, but it also less directly affects others who call Metro Minnesota home --- other Christians, people of other faith's traditions and even non-believers.

The question is this: Will Archbishop Nienstedt be a servant leader supporting the local faith community as it strives to live fuller lives in the Christ Spirit, or will he primarily function like a Roman governor sent to impose man-made institutional laws?

We pray for the former. Regarding the latter, we watch with concern.

B. W., Minneapolis

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No surprises!

In his letter titled “A man of faith and a man of questions”, May 16, 2008, B.W., Minneapolis, implies that Archbishop Nienstedt might “primarily function like a Roman governor sent to impose man-made, institutional laws?” This is insulting and disrespectful to the Archbishop.

Archbishop Nienstedt, appointed by Christ, acting through His vicar on earth the pope, to be an apostle for the here (St. Paul and Minneapolis) and now, will lead the faithful Catholic community to the light of salvation and away from the pitfalls and darkness of sin.

There will be no surprises (I predict) in his leadership. If one wishes to know how His Excellency will respond to any situation (well almost any) one simply has to look at the Catechism of the Catholic Church, available to all on the web site of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops (google USCCB). The contents are not, as B.W. states “man-made, institutional laws.” They are, Catholics believe, the commandments of God.

He was not sent by “Rome” to be a dictator. Rather, he was sent to be a spiritual leader, with relatively little temporal power, to point the way, right and wrong, which some of us will, in some circumstances, find difficult. He deserves our prayers and support.

B.W. concludes: “We pray for the former. Regarding the latter, we watch with concern.” To him we say, “Keep praying, keep watching, but dispel your concerns.”

Pat Phillips


Catholic Defense League

Roseville, MN

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