Saturday, May 10, 2008

Light and Leaven down St Mary's Way


It appears that the Ironic Catholic, a Professor of Theology at St Mary's University of Minnesota, down Winona way, is an easy grader.

Check out SMUM if you're looking for an easy Theology B.A.

What's my evidence, you ask? Well, check out this UTube video of the I.C.'s Theology class of 2008 and all the grins on their faces after she gave them their grades. Looks like they all got A's, to me.

Lots of talent down there at St. Mary's to make this video and write those term papers.

John Becker from Guardian Angels parish in Woodbury is the singer/composer. And the priest at Mass near the end is Father Andrew Beerman, the new Rector for SMUM.

Ray from MN is pleased as punch that his first attempt at adding a video to Stella Borealis didn't explode his computer.
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