Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9th Annual Spiritual Art Show; NE Minneapolis: Artist Call

Will someone please give Terry Nelson a wake-up call on this announcement. And I've also seen some pretty nifty scrapbooking work, photography and photoshopping being done around here too. Don't be shrinking violets, folks.

9th Annual - NE Minneapolis Juried Spiritual Art Show -- Minnesota's premier juried spiritual art show; All mediums welcome.

Show’s theme: A look at spiritual and religious art.

Show’s purpose: Offer artists opportunity to showcase a work they created which they consider spiritual or religious.

The Show is non-denominational and non-sectarian.

$500 total cash prizes; Submission date March 23, 2009

The show is Sunday March 29 to Friday April 3 at Kolbe Center of Pope John Paul II School 1630 4th St NE Minneapolis (1block east of University Ave and 17th Ave in NE Mpls)

The 9th Annual Juried Spiritual Art Show is part of the NE Minneapolis Spiritual Art Festival and the April 2nd Festival Night of Music and Spoken Word. The Festival is a production of the NE Minneapolis Artist Concierge Service and are guests of Pope John Paul II School of Minneapolis.

Prizes will be awarded to the best works in show.

Entry fee is $15.00 if received with completed Entry Form by mail before midnight March 9, 2009. Mailed in fees are non refundable. After March 9, 2009 Fee will be returned for all works not accepted. fee is $20.00 to be paid at the time of entry, March 23 or March 24, to Spiritual Art Show 2009.

Contest Rules and Entry Form are available HERE

or by mail please send a self-addressed/stamped business size envelope to

Nick & Rosie Heille @ NE Mpls Artist Concierge Service
3460 Garfield St NE
Mpls, MN 55418

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