Monday, February 2, 2009

Minnesota flags to fly at half-staff for Immortal 4 Chaplains Day


Minnesota flags will fly at half-staff Tuesday in honor of the governor's annual proclamation of February 3 as Immortal Four Chaplains Day.

A 1998 state law requires the governor to make an annual proclamation in honor of the heroics of four chaplains of different faiths during the sinking of the United States Army Transport Dorchester.

The Dorchester was torpedoed off the coast of Greenland on February 3, 1943. 700 people died.

Survivors said the chaplains calmed fears, helped lead men to safety and gave up their own lifejackets. The chaplains were last seen arm-in-arm in prayer on the ship's hull.

The chaplains were George L. Fox, Methodist; Lt. Alexander D. Goode, Jewish; Lt. John P. Washington, Catholic; and Lt. Clark V. Poling, Dutch Reformed. KSAX-TV,

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