Friday, December 11, 2009

St. John's Bible volumes donated to St. Catherine's University

Thursday, a vespers service in Our Lady of Victory chapel at St. Catherine's University presented and made use of a fine arts edition of the of the world's newest hand-scribed, illustrated Bible. It was donated to the university by Lois Rogers of Long Lake and her husband. Rogers, herself a 1963 graduate of St. Catherine's, and her husband John donated one of three volumes of the lavishly illustrated Bibles to the school. The image shows a detail of the Book of Ecclesiastes. Pioneer Press

Since the time that pages of the St. John's Bible have been appearing some people take great offense at the images and the style of painting that has been used. Probably they aren't familiar with what "illuminated manuscripts" looked like in the days when monks in monasteries would spend their entire lives copying and illuminating Bibles and other spiritual worksfor used by monks and priests in their monasteries. Here are a couple of examples:

Genesis Wenceslaus Bible, German, 1389

The Descent of the Holy Spirit Black Hours, c. 1475

Click on the images to get a larger size.

Illuminated Manuscript Art

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