Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clear your calendars for the October 12 Argument of the Month Club Session


October 12th:

and our featured speaker will be

Michael Voris

from “Real Catholic TV.COM”

Michael Voris

Host of the “Vortex” from “Real Catholic TV”
will be kicking off the next AOTM season this coming October.

Mr. Voris’ programs on such as the “Vortex” and “CIA” have caught our attention. He has been on the leading edge of some important hard hitting controversial stories that are happening in and out of the Church.

The topics of his programs have touched on such things as progressivism in the church, the health care bill and the US Bishops, the role of the laity in our culture today and the restoration begun by our “German Shepherd!” Pope Benedict XVI.

Please visit “Real Catholic TV” and see what I’m talking about. These are issues and stories all Catholics need to be informed on! Just click on the links below to see the “Daily Links” from Real Catholic TV.

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