Saturday, August 28, 2010


My Windows program got corrupted somehow, (a mortal sin?) and I just got my computer back. It just kept locking up and then I got the "black screen of death." Unfortunately, opening in "safe mode" or using a "restore point" was not possible.

I guess most of my data is OK because the hard drive and memory tested OK. And I had my "My Documents" backed up. But I haven't contacted my back up service (Qwest) to see if they really did it. Holding my breath, mostly on my genealogical stuff that I have been collecting for 35 years.

What they had to do was install a second hard drive and now I have to transfer my documents to the new drive. Not all were saved it seems, but I can't tell until I look at each directory.

I guess I'll just transfer only when I need to, pending contact with Qwest probably not til Monday.

And now my DVD drive door won't open so I can't re-install my major programs like Word and Outlook.

So I have to take the computer back this morning to have them fix that; they must have messed it up when they installed the new hard drive.

This is the first really major loss that I have had in 20+ years of having a computer. So I've been lucky.
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