Friday, October 29, 2010

Is this Ad Anti-Catholic?

From the "This Hollow Earth" blog:

So, the question is, does the Catholic Church believe they can continue to support political messages but never receive any rebuttals for the positions? They have, with great gusto, thrown their pointy hats into the ring. They are a political entity, and can therefore be treated the same as any other. The ad is not anti-Catholic, it’s merely treating them the same as other political entity. Now, about that tax-exempt status …

One Comment on “Is This Ad Anti-Catholic?”

  1. Ray Marshall Says:

    Of course the Catholic Church knows that it will receive criticism if it speaks out on issues that are important to it. It has been doing that for 2,000 years.

    It also knows that in this country it has freedom of speech and can inform its 70 million members about political issues without fear of legal or financial reprecussions.

    And it also knows that receiving criticism means that the power and effectiveness of its messages increase even more, reaching more of its target audience and even non-Catholic who agree with the Church on issues.

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