Friday, July 21, 2006

Father "Z" is on a Pilgrimage --- to St Agnes!

Father "Z", Minnesota's permanent ambassador to Rome, is home for a Pilgrimage to St Agnes. He will be saying Mass there at the 8:00 a.m. on Saturday! [At the same St. Agnes Church, where I am at the time of this writing, each Saturday morning there is a sung Latin Mass at 8:00 am and the congregation sings the Ordinary in Chant and a small schola sings the Proper. I will be celebrant tomorrow, as a matter of fact, and I can attest from past experience how well this works, though it takes patience and time to build the practice.]

[Note: A commenter suggested that the Saturday 8:00a.m. Mass would be in the chapel; that must be the one on the lower level where confessions are heard. Enter off of Thomas Avenue].

Not sure if he will be celebrating one of the Masses on Sunday. If someone knows, please contact me.

Father "Z" may not be aware of it, but Father Glen Jenson at St Anthony of Padua Parish in Northeast Minneapolis has a chanted Mass at 8:30a.m., after a Holy Hour, for his small, mostly elderly flock, where I will be. See our report Here.
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