Monday, October 9, 2006

The USCCB met today in Chicago to discuss Church Music; Naturally, Msgr Schuler of St Agnes was discussed!

As we noted last week, the USCCB is sponsoring a meeting in Chicago today - a consulation on sacred music and the documents produced by the American bishops related to it.

Here's the Church Music Association of America's statement:

In preparation for a revision of Music in Catholic Worship (1972, 1983) and Liturgical Music Today (1982), the Music and Liturgy Subcommittee called for a consultation from groups and organizations dealing with music, scheduled to take place October 9, 2006. Both the President and the Vice President of the CMAA are scheduled to speak.

As Monsignor Richard J. Schuler [pastor emeritus of St Agnes in St Paul] recounts in his masterful history
of music since the Second Vatican Council, Music in Catholic Worship was originally prepared by the Music Advisory Board of the Committee on the Liturgy as an American interpretation of the Roman instruction Musicam Sacram (1967). And though the document was never voted on by the whole body US Bishops, it has nonetheless had an enormous impact of the music in American Catholic liturgical life. [....snip] Open Book

I'm not conversant with music, but if you happen to be, or you are familiar with Msgr Schuler and his tremendous contributions, follow the links for a negative comment about his contributions and several stirring defenses.

Here is a report on the meeting from Whispers in the Loggia
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