Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vatican Rumors; Probably Better Than Appointments

Father Z, the St Agnes parishioner and now expatriate doing "secret translation work" within sight to St Peter's dome, who blogs at W.D.T.P.R.S?, is as excited as a little kid about something that is supposed to happen soon. He has posted on it two days in a row:

[....snip] As I said in my other entry, I simply don’t want to talk too much about what I have heard about a few issues. I think you all know the old phrase from wartime: Loose lips sink ships. Making a big splash about something could stir the opposition and lead to our hopes being delayed or derailed. Also, there are confidences to respect. Still, we need to hope for good things in a way that is not expectation macerated in bitterness. I am not trying to tease, just encourage.

So, may I kindly ask you to join again today your petitions to a prayer of thanksgiving in advance? Years ago, I had the opportunity on a couple occasions to say Mass for Mother Theresa’s sisters, who have a center of their activity in Rome next to the Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio where I was working. Mother was there occasionally. I remember her saying that when we pray to God for something we should always thank Him together with the petition. This is what I think we ought to do right now.

You readers will have various hopes pinned to my statement that I have good news. For some people it will be A, for others it will be B or C. What really charges some people up, might leave others a little less than impressed. Suffice to say that I am delighted by what I heard and I will be even more delighted when it is a matter of public record.

In the last couple months I believe we are seeing His Holiness shifting into a higher gear. You might want to go back and put together a list of things that have caught your attention in his speeches and actions in the last couple months, and then sit down and stare at it for a while, absorb it.

This is a very active and thoughtful Pope. He thinks deeply before he speaks and writes. Once he has thought something through, he acts with determination. This gives many of us reason to be very hopeful for all sorts of changes and/affirmations. [....snip] More
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