Monday, June 16, 2008

The Third Annual Ironic Catholic Poetry Contest!

Far be it for me to give needless pub to someone far more talented than I, but The Ironic Catholic is now holding her third annual poetry contest. Get over there and see if you can beat me. I've entered in the Clerihew division. Look it up yourself!

The Ironic Catholic
A notably humorous chick
Teaches babies and bloggers and scholars,
How by writing they can make more than a few dollars!

Ray from Minn.
Abstains from Sin
But sometimes on a weekday
He is very grateful for morning confessions at Nativitay

Cathy of Alexandria
Keeps her walleyes in crystalline aquaria
And after the deer season is done, has her humungous trophy antlers
On the top of her multitudinous priceless fireplace mantlers.

Terry of the Many Blogs
At Dayton’s learned how to wear classy togs
But in brevity he was not at the top of his class
And now leads St. Blogs with his numerous posts, alas.

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