Tuesday, October 21, 2008

St Kate's University bans all politicians from its campus

It would have been very interesting to be present at the decision making meeting on this one.

Bay Buchanan was to appear for a "tea and conversation" event. The school also has blocked a similar appearance by Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Bay Buchanan, the conservative political commentator who was barred from speaking at the College of St. Catherine this week -- as was Democrat Hillary Clinton -- said this afternoon that the school's officials "are fools" and being "very narrow-minded" in their actions.

Amy Gage, a spokeswoman for St. Kate's, explained this morning that the school is "doing [its] best in the political season to remain nonpartisan as an institution."

Buchanan, a frequent national speaker on behalf of John McCain's presidential campaign and an enthusiastic defender of McCain running mate Sarah Palin, was to appear at St. Kate's Wednesday for a tea and conversation sponsored by the campus' College Republicans student group.

Clinton, who narrowly lost in her bid for the presidential nomination, was turned down in her effort to speak this afternoon at the St. Paul school on behalf of Barack Obama, her party's nominee.

Buchanan's event was moved to a restaurant near the school, while Clinton is now scheduled to appear at the University of Minnesota.

Informed that Clinton also was barred from visiting St. Kate's, Buchanan said, "It's unbelievable. They are fools. That's unfair to the students.

"Hillary Clinton, for heaven's sake," Buchanan added. "I would want my boys to hear her, even though they are right-wingers. It's very narrow-minded."

Gage acknowledged that allowing all political figures who wished to visit the campus -- which any number of schools do across the nation -- was "a decision we could've made months ago. Is that a direction we could've gone in? Yes. It's a conversation we will be having."

Colleen Hegranes, the school's senior vice president said, "Ideally, we'd have six people come into campus, three from each side ... It would make a lot of sense in that way."

Hegranes said that St. Kate's also turned away Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken from speaking there earlier this month. StarTribune

Interestingly, I wonder why no mention of the fact that Bay Buchanan is the sister of former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan?

Star-Tribune Poll: Should the College of St. Catherine reconsider banning Bay Buchanan from appearing on campus?

Yes, colleges must be open to exposing students to a range of thought1690
54.81673694453455 percent
54.8 %
Yes, that campus needs to host more conservative speakers301
9.763217645150828 percent
9.7 %
No, the school needs to maintain neutrality during the election season720
23.35387609471294 percent
23.3 %
No, she is a divisive and radical voice372
12.066169315601687 percent
12.0 %

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