Saturday, June 20, 2009

More SSPX men in black in Winona?

Cue the fortune-tellers, the crystal ball readers, the Vatican nuance-gifted and impaired.

Unless there is a last minute stay of ordination, the Society of St. Pius X plans to make 13 men priests this morning at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, Minnesota — raising the possibility of more controversy and overt or covert conflict with the Vatican (again).

And, of course, there are divergent views not only on how to understand what the Vatican has said so far, but on what this means for the relationship between the Catholic Church and the traditionalist body going forward. For an interesting summary of how the projected ordinations have been roiling European Catholic leaders, particularly German ones,
read this story from The Catholic Herald Online.

What’s intriguing about this story is the prediction of the diocesan spokesman that the ordinations will result in excommunication — or would that be re-excommunication? Or, because, the excommunications were lifted, but there are still, as they say “issues” between the SSPX and the Vatican, would a fullscale excommunication be necessary? And what makes the Regensburg spokesman almost certain that excommunication would result — at any rate, we know this isn’t just a Schotz in the dark (sorry, I couldn’t resist). . . .

Guardian has apparently already judged and tried both Pope Benedict and the SSPX. Judging by this genre of story, the Catholic Church is in a constant state of “crisis.”

The pugilistic headline of Jeff Israely’s
article in Time: “Pope Benedict vs. the Lefebvrites: Round Two,” hides a rather nice analysis. . . .

But why then the apparent silence, or public silence, from American bishops? Have you seen anything in the media to date from a bishop in Minnesota or Kansas? Given that ordinations are occuring in Minnesota, it is obviously not just a problem for European bishops. . . . Get Religion

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