Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Restoring St. Joseph's Cathedral in Sioux Falls ... A "Beacon Of Hope".

Restoring St. Joseph's Cathedral...A "Beacon Of Hope".

Catholic Church officials say they are trying to restore what they call a "Beacon Of Hope" for all to enjoy. We were inside the Cathedral on Monday to see how the 16 million dollar project is coming to life.

It's an effort that's well underway at St. Joseph's Cathedral. The church is in its third and final phase of restoration. With 90 years of history in these walls, church officials say they're thrilled to be getting the Cathedral back to its original glory. And with the original architects vision in mind, they say they're giving the community something to look up to.

"We need beacons of hope in our culture these days and we are going to continue on after we are done," Bishop Paul Swain told us.

And from the restored wooden pews to marbleized columns, city officials say it will be a historic point of interest many will come to see.

Mayor Dave Munson: "When it's done, people will come and visit this facility and just be overwhelmed by the beauty of it."

Painters who specialize in restoration are hard at work, painting art renderings that will tell the story of the Catholic faith. When it's done, around 900 worshipers will be able to take in the sights many have been waiting anxiously for years to see.

Bishop Swain: "It means a lot to have it restored and people will say 'this is a beautiful place' and they will bring folks with them and it means a lot to people."

Church officials expect to have this final phase of the restoration completed by June or July of 2011.

And the Cathedral will be open to the public for its "Christmas At The Cathedral" concerts December 17 through 20. KSFY

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