Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catholic Radio -- All over the U.S.

One of the really wonderful things that has happened in the Church in the past 20 years has been the growth of Catholic radio throughout the country (finally attempting to catch up with the Protestants). Relevant Radio (WLOL 1330 AM), which owns 12 stations, has been broadcasting in the Twin Cities for more than five years. It has nearby stations in Eau Claire (WDVM 1050), and La Crosse (WKBH 1570). It also has 19 affiliates, including one in St. Cloud (KYES 1180).

There are other Catholic networks also including Immaculate Heart Radio in the western U.S. with 22 stations, Ave Maria Radio in Detoit, Covenant Radio in Illinois and area, Real Presence Radio in Fargo Moorhead and Grand Forks, the Guadalupe Radio Network in Texas and of course, the big Kahuna, EWTN radio with over 125 affiliates around the country.

The president of Immaculate Heart predicts that another 190 stations will go on the air in 2010. Most of these will be getting programming from EWTN and the other networks, so it is not that expensive to start a radioi station. Besides the antenna, all of the equipment can fit in a good sized closet in your home.

EWTN television broadcasts 24 hours of Catholic program- ming around the world and provides it free of charge to cable networks. In the Twin Cities if your television can pick up UHF signals with a rabbit ear antenna, EWTN's programming may be found on Channel 19. Their antenna is on top of the IDS tower in Minneapolis but their signal may not be picked up in all nearby locations.
Most of the Catholic radio stations and much of EWTN television's programming, some live programs, may be be picked up on the internet.

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