Monday, June 25, 2007

Pro-Choice, Pro-Moto

St Blog's Parish, especially its Roman branch, is all a-twitter these days with rumors that the long desired Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict, authorizing greater use of the Latin Mass as it was celebrated in 1962 (most often called the Tridentine Mass or the Mass of St Pius V) is about to be released.

And in other parishes, populated by those who have taken solemn vows to eradicate Latin, swords and shields are being shined and WD-40 squirted on them to make more effective in the upcoming spiritual combat.

It is really interesting how folks who will march and contribute for the "right to choice" with respect to abortion will quickly enlist to engage in the campaign to prevent Latin from being a "choice" for those who might desire it.

I think at its heart, the anti-choice anti-Latin folks are the pointy headed intellectuals of the Catholic Church who are satisfied that they know what is best for all of us.

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