Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Homophobia: What's Good For the Goose is Good For the Gander!

A great big Tip O' The Hat, and a Sweeping Bow to the Curt Jester For This One.

Increasingly over the years anyone who does not agree that homosexuality is not perfectly normal is met with denouncements as a homophobe. The homophobe tag is now thrown along quite freely at anyone who dares to not accept homosexuality or even worse saying it is sinful. Say anything negative about homosexuality and you are instantly branded a homophobe. This is an annoying trend, but even worse is the trend to try to litigate if you do not accept gay orthodoxy. The misnamed Human Rights Councils in Canada have been doing just that in regards to comments against homosexuality and the same types of things are now happening in England.

I think though that we can take a page out of the homosexual activists' play book and defend ourselves against charges of homophobia. They are not going to accept natural law arguments or arguments from scripture so lets use their own arguments.

Here is what you do. If accused of homophobia, simply say that you were born with it and that you did not choose to be a homophobe and that you find the term itself to be hateful and judgmental. If they bring up the fact that there is no medical evidence for the genetic origin of homophobia, you say that there is just as much evidence for it than for the genetic origin of homosexuality. If they say that twins aren't always both homophobes, you remind them the same is true in the cases of twins and homosexuality.

Now their next line of attack might be that even if you are born with a genetic preposition towards homophobia, it does not mean you should act on it. After all there might be a genetic preposition towards alcoholism, but that does not mean the person has to become an alcoholic. You then remind them that the same would be true if there was an actual genetic preposition towards homosexuality.

You could say that even if homophobia has no genetic origin that you identify yourself as being in opposition to homosexual acts and that this opposition is just another lifestyle choice in a pluralistic society. Why should you give in to their demand for you to change when they should just be tolerant instead. Shouldn't young people in our public schools who oppose homosexual acts be allowed to express their view in a tolerant environment instead of being told to shut up and to hide their views in a closet?

They might tell you that the diagnosis of homosexuality as a psychological disorder is no longer made by the American Psychiatric Association, you can tell them that there is no diagnosis of homophobia either.

Tell them not be be a hater or a homophobe.

And if that doesn't work, start suing their pants off.

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