Friday, January 18, 2008

This is what a server should look like at Mass

"Confiteor Dei omnipotenti, beatae Mariae semper virgini. . . ."

The Cathedral of St Joseph in Sioux Falls has been offering the 1962 Latin Mass on Sundays (1:30), some Feast Days, Holy Days, First Fridays and selected other occasions since October.

They have a beautiful web page (some links not finished yet). Check it out.


Father Andrew Dickinson of Aberdeen, SD, in the Sioux Falls diocese, posted the following on a post of Father John Zuhlsdorf's blog, W.D.T.P.R.S., to clarify the origins of the Latin Mass in that diocese:

TLM goes back to May of 2005 when it was incorporated to reconcile a parish that was SPPX. Bishop Aquila, of Fargo, was our apostolic administrator he made the decision, though it was in discussions prior to our previous Bishop’s departure.

Quite quickly this Mass became quite popular with young families who have no historical ties but find the TLM reverent and beautiful. I know families who travel over an hour to attend this Mass each week. The chaplain, Fr. Lawrence, is also 45 minutes away, but gladly assists them by offering the Mass.

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