Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Homosexual Collective Meets Once Again to Declare that they Have No Free Will and are Pre-Destined to be Homosexuals Forever

Clayton Emmer who used to live in the Twin Cities and who has taken his blog, The Weight of Glory, to Hollywood, has posted a snippet on the activities of the "homosexual collective" here in years past. They have a rally tonight at their world headquarters at Lake Street and 13th Avenue S. in Minneapolis.

Clayton defends Courage, the Catholic spiritual support group for those with same sex attraction, against the dogmatic teachings of homosexuals that it is impossible for a homosexual to cease participating in homosexual activities. They find themselves to be akin to fruit flies, things whose activities can be predictably forecast.

What a sad belief system: they think they are trapped in the bodies of creatures that are slaves to behavior whose primary goal in life is to pursue sexual pleasure. Just like animals, but usually without the procreation.

Yet some profess to believe in God. But they don't believe that "all things are possible with God."

Read Clayton's post here.

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