Thursday, March 27, 2008

Joseph's Aunt Scandalized That Joseph and Mary Weren't Married!

They're always be an England but I'm not sure I'm happy about that!

Goliath was a celebrity binge drinker, and Adam was obsessed with Eve's naked body - according to a retelling of traditional Bible stories by an Anglican vicar.

The Must Know Stories, written by the Rev Robert Harrison, feature a reworking of the top ten Bible stories, which were chosen in a poll by the Christian charity Scripture Union.

In the book, the tale of David and Goliath is retold from the perspective of the giant, portrayed as a "depressed alcoholic" who is hung over on the day of his fateful encounter with David.

The story of the Garden of Eden is retold from the point of view of Adam, who revels in Eve's "beautiful body" and in the nativity tale, Jesus is born in an overcrowded house instead of a stable, amid family conflict as Joseph's aunt deals with the fact that he and Mary are not married.

If you must know, read about it here in The Telegraph.
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