Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today is St Paddy's Day, if you want to party!



A look at the calendar led to some unusual changes when O'Neill's Pizza Pub in Rochester planned this year's St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Because St. Patrick's Day falls during Holy Week -- the solemn observance of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, trial and crucifixion -- the restaurant and bar moved its traditional St. Patrick's Day celebration to today -- two days before St. Patrick's Day is officially observed. [snip]

Bishop Bernard Harrington hasn't had to make any requests to change public celebration dates in southern Minnesota's Diocese of Winona, where there aren't any major events scheduled, according to diocese spokeswoman Rose Hammes. The diocese doesn't tell people how to run their businesses, Hammes said, but Catholics should at least think twice before hitting the bars during Holy Week.

"It's a very sacred and sorrowful time for Catholics and Christians of all faiths who want to honor that memory," Hammes said. "To think about partying during that week just doesn't work." Rochester Post Bulletin

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