Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday

I went to St Bonaventure in Bloomington instead of the Cathedral for the Divine Mercy devotions. I didn't realize they had Franciscan priests there. So I wanted to check them out. But their Deacon substituted and did a nice job on the service today. There must have been upwards of 300 people there (mostly older).

The Deacon mentioned in his sermon that over 43 parishes in the Archdiocese scheduled Divine Mercy devotions yesterday or today. That's out of 220 parishes (20%), many of them small and rural. Only one parish in Minneapolis scheduled Divine Mercy devotions. Maybe there is something to what they say. Other than Holy Cross, I don't think there are many Minneapolis parishes that have perpetual adoration, either. And there are something like 35 parishes in the diocese that have it, plus maybe a dozen or more that are too small or logistically poorly designed for "perpetual" adoration.

We said the "Divine Mercy Praises." The Deacon blessed a DM image and then we all venerated it individually. Then we said the chaplet and ended with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and then a social hour.

Modern church structure, built in 1967. But quite large and nice. Not enough stained glass and statuary, of course. And Stations of the Cross that you can't distinguish from more than six feet away.

One adult server! How do people expect that boys will become interested in the priesthood if they don't use them at Mass and devotions in the parish, giving them important things to do?

One thing that I kind of liked. They passed around a sheet during the social hour so people could make suggestions as to how to improve the devotions next year. I like that kind of participation.

It would have been nice if they had kneelers (prie-dieux) in front of the Divine Mercy image during the veneration. Some folks (suffering from "arthur-itis") have a difficult time getting down on their knees (the easy part) and then standing up without something to grab on to.
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