Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just where do they get all those ashes?


BURNING PALMS — Cory Green, parish sacristan at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, burns palms last year in anticipation of Ash Wednesday. Catholic tradition allows for palms distributed during the previous year’s Palm Sunday to be burned and used on Ash Wednesday. This year, Ash Wednesday falls on Feb. 6.

[How many sacristans wear cassocks in our archdiocese?]

Now, in at least one parish that I know of around here, this is where they get their ashes:

These ashes are perfect for the very unique Ash Wednesday service that begins the season of Lent. These ashes have a very consistent texture and color. They are double-bagged for mailing, and this bag has enough ashes for 1000 people. $12.75


Terry Nelson said...

At one time over at St. Agnes, it seems everyone ran around in a cassock, that has changed with the new pastor.

Unknown said...

Father Echert and his assistant, excuse me, "parochial vicar", Father Pedersen, are full cassocked over at St Augustine's in South St Paul.

You should come over for the Argument of the Month Club. Dale Ahlquist of the American Chesterton Society will be the celebrated speaker a week from Tuesday.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Sure, Ray, invite Terry....kidding...

I dropped my palms from last year off at the Rectory. I hope they burn them for our use but I'm sure they probably buy some to supplement the palms since I think I'm one of the only ones who brings the old palms back.

I hate to see them just thrown out. They are a blessed item.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I've always thought that cassocks look like "dress monk robes". You know, for those more formal, monkish, occasions! The monk tux?
Sorry, the baby is keeping me awake and I'm getting punchy.

Unknown said...

When's the due date, Laura. My reader aren't up to snuff on population increases out your way?