Monday, January 11, 2010

Bishops near the age limit of 75

All Bishops are required to submit a letter requesting retirement to the Pope on their 75th birthday. It is up to the Pope when to accept that letter. Here are the name of Latin Rite bishops who we can expect to see retiring in the near future.

Birthdate Age Name Current Title

4-Nov-31 78 Bernard F. Cardinal Law Archpriest, St Mary Major
29-Aug-33 77 William L. Higi Lafayette, Indiana
22-Dec-33 76 Robert P. Maginnis Auxiliary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12-Jan-34 76 Edmond Carmody Corpus Christi, Texas
17-Jan-34 76 Archbishop Alexander J. Brunett Archbishop of Seattle, Washington
2-Mar-34 76 William S. Skylstad Spokane, Washington
12-Aug-34 75 Robert J. Hermann Auxiliary, St Louis, Missouri
31-Aug-34 75 Archbishop Eusebius J. Beltran Archbishop of Oklahoma City, Ok.
6-Oct-34 75 Guy A. Sansaricq Auxiliary, Brooklyn, New York
13-Feb-35 75 Peter A. Rosazza Auxiliary, Hartford, Connecticut
18-Feb-35 75 Emilio S. Alluè, S.D.B. Auxiliary, Boston, Massachusetts
19-Apr-35 75 Justin F. Cardinal Rigali Archbishop of Philadelphia, Penn.
25-Apr-35 75 John K. Boland Savannah, Georgia
23-Jun-35 75 John M. F. Smith Trenton, New Jersey
9-Aug-35 74 Carlos A. Sevilla, S.J. Yakima, Washington
12-Aug-35 74 John B. McCormack Manchester, New Hampshire
13-Aug-35 74 Joseph V. Adamec Altoona-Johnstown, Pennsylvania
6-Sep-35 74 Fabian W. Bruskewitz Lincoln, Nebraska
11-Sep-35 74 Richard J. Sklba Auxiliary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
13-Sep-35 74 Victor B. Galeone Saint Augustine, Florida
22-Sep-35 74 Paul A. Zipfel Bismarck, North Dakota
20-Oct-35 74 Gerald A. Gettelfinger Evansville, Indiana
5-Dec-35 74 Archbishop John C. Favalora Archbishop of Miami, Florida

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