Monday, March 14, 2011

Church O' the Day: Benedictine Altar Arrangement at the Cathedral of the Epiphany, Sioux City, IA

...The Cathedral of the Epiphany has been going through a liturgical renewal: the return of the cassock and surplice for servers and acolytes; chanting the Mass text; Fr. Brent Lingle, parochial vicar of Cathedral and Director of Worship for the Sioux City Diocese, has begun offering the Mass in the Extraordinary Form on the second Sunday of the month; the more frequent use of incense; taking youth to the liturgical leadership conference One Bread, One Cup; youth group ends with Benediction or Night Prayer every time; both English Confirmation classes end with the Divine Office every week; the youth group has a confession night once a month; the parish is working on starting perpetual adoration; and the recent January/February announcement of communion under the form of bread alone and on more solemn occasions both forms being available. . . .

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Anonymous said...

There's a table blocking the Altar!

Maybe that will be the next thing to change?