Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 20 Catholic Bloggers of 2011

From the Aggie Catholic, the Newman Club of Texas A&M University

Top 20 Catholic Bloggers of 2011
(in no particular order)
[Three with Minnesota connections!!! Congratulations to them]

  • Jennifer Fulwiler - Conversion Diary and National Catholic Register.
    One of the best bloggers on the scene today. Always thinking deeply.
  • Deacon Greg Kandra - The Deacon's Bench.
    How he finds all the stuff he does, I will never know. I think he must have dozens of websites open at once 24 hours a day.
  • Ed Peters - In the Light of the Law.
    Dr. Peters was my canon law prof and made canon law interesting. He does it on the blog as well. Former canon lawyer for the Diocese of Duluth, now in that position for the Archdiocese of Detroit.
  • Carl Olson - Ignatius Insight Scoop.
    Books, music, culture, and more. I have no idea how Carl reads as much as he does or listens to as much music as he does. Must help to work where he does.
  • Patrick Madrid -
    Patrick has been writing for a long time, but he only started blogging recently. He has found his blogging voice quickly. His dry wit is always entertaining.
  • Fr. Z - What Does the Prayer Really Say?
    Doesn't put up with fluff, hype or messing with the liturgy. He has the most rabid followers. Former SPS seminarian; good friend to many in Minnesota
  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker - Standing on My Head.
    Fr. Dwight shines most brightly when he takes on difficult subjects head on. He isn't shy about them either.
  • Rocco Palmo - Whispers in the Loggia
    The #1 Catholic insider blog.
  • Elizabeth Scalia - The Anchoress.
    Politics, religion, faith, and how it applies to life - wrapped up in one place.
  • Mark Shea - Catholic and Enjoying It and National Catholic Register.
    Mark is probably the most prolific Catholic blogger. He posts on just about every topic there is all over the place.
  • Patrick and Matthew Archbold - Creative Minority Report and National Catholic Register.
    Funny, irreverent, interesting, and I think I am the lost Archbold brother.
  • Thomas Peters - American Papist /
    A very influential blogger who is widely read. Son of Ed Peters, above; born in Duluth.
  • Brandon Vogt - The Thin Veil.
    New media, young Catholics and more.
  • Jimmy Akin - National Catholic Register and Jimmy
    Jimmy likes details and being thorough and complete. I appreciate that.
  • Danielle Bean - and Faith and Family Live.
    Danielle does it all. Mom. Wife. Editor. Writer. Blogger. All of that stuffed with wisdom and practical advice.
  • Taylor Marshall - Canterbury Tales.
    Posts items you won't see anywhere else.
  • Jeff Miller - The Curt Jester.
    Still making us laugh after many years. Yet, his best stuff is when he gets serious.
  • Matt Warner - Fallible Blogma and National Catholic Register.
    Matt has great stuff, he justs needs to post more frequently. Your readers want more Matt!
  • Simcha Fisher - National Catholic Register and I Have to Sit Down.
    One of the best all-around Catholic writers blogging today. I love her stuff.
  • The Ironic Catholic.
    Just read her. Theology Professor at St. Mary's U in Winona, Mom, and Catholic Worker volunteer.

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