Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet one of the world's most amazing priests

According to one of the world's most amazing  Catholic newspapers, the Catholic Herald of the United Kingdom!

5. Fr George Grafsky
Fr George Grafsky is the parish priest of St Anne in Le Sueur, a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a bitterly cold, frosty spot. Fr George has a cheerful expression and a relaxed, child-like face, which is not what one expects from a priest who meets many challenges in the most frenzied and panicked of situations.
As well as being chaplain to the Le Sueur County Sheriff’s Department, he also works side-by-side with the police and is often one of the first people they call when they have harrowing tasks to perform. Fr George is unflappable. A police sergeant, Dave Struckman, was alone at the scene of an accident when he had to pull two dead bodies from a car. None of his colleagues were available and so he called Fr Grafsky to help him, and together they pulled the bodies from the wreckage.
Fr George is not indifferent to the pain caused by sudden death, and he has a special way of guiding families through their grief after they have lost a loved one to an accident or fire. Some tragedies do unsettle Fr George’s serenity. One concerned a boy who drowned a mere day after making his First Communion. While he was saddened, Fr George did not shirk from accompanying the mother as she watched her son’s body being fished from the water.

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