Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Catholic News Source

Here's another fine source for news on the Catholic scene here in the Twin Cities - Catholic Newsnet.

April's update features events around the area (including, unfortunately, more on the problems we've been having here lately), news from the Archdiocese and around the nation, meditations on the Rosary, pilgrimage info, and much more. The site also promises additional information on Divine Mercy events in the Twin Cities as they become available.

One upcoming event I want to highlight in particular is the Marian Eucharistic Congress in Fargo on October 13-15, 2006, titled, “I Am With You Always.” Catholic Newsnet reports:
Some of the featured speakers are: Bishop Aquila from Fargo, Father Robert Altier, Father Andrew Apostoli, Father Benedict Groeschel (in person), Johnette Benkovic, Dan Lynch, Sister Briege McKenna, Father Mitch Pacwa, Michael O’Brien, and a number of other excellent guests. Brochures should be in the mail shortly.

Sites like this are a great addition to our information gathering, and underlines the importance of keeping all Catholics in the information loop. We need to share what we know among ourselves, and with as many people as we know. Misinformation is one of the great problems we face today, and this is another piece of the education puzzle that can help us out of it.
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