Friday, March 24, 2006

A Good Shepherd --- Bishop Carlson Making Waves in Saginaw

Bishop Robert J. Carlson, former Auxiliary for St. Paul-Minneapolis and former Bishop of Sioux Falls has been Bishop of Saginaw, MI, since February of 05. He's making waves by considering subsidizing the Saginaw municipal budget to the tune of two police officers, revamping the parochial education system by requesting parishioners contribute 5% of their income to education (adjusted by parish by ability to pay) and 2% to the parish, and has put the kibosh on the long-standing Saginaw practice of having lay ministers preach the homily at Mass. Apparently there is quite a shortage of priests over there, as the diocese has 17 female pastoral administrators and 252 commissioned lay ministers. Thanks to the Prairie Priest in Sioux Falls.
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