Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We're off!

Well, taking baby steps, I guess we're ready to start.

As you can see from the title above, I am gong to try to be a clearing house for news and activities, good and not so good, of Catholic Church activities that are going on in Minnesota and surround states. At the same time I want to give publicity to a lot of the smaller blogs working hard in the wilderness and maybe if we all work together, we all will get our messages out to more people.

Right now, it so happens that there is a lot of bad news regarding the Church and Minnesota. I don't intend so much for this to be a muckraking attempt, but more a place where people can come to get clearer answers as to actually is happening.

I have my opinions with respect to lots of things, but I will attempt to keep them muted and forgive me when I slip, for I am sure to. I will be inviting other area bloggers to advise, monitor and contribute items that they are
aware of. More later on that.

The reason that I'm starting tonight is not so much that I am ready but that I have found something, really neat, and worth mentioning: a real saint in Minnesota.
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