Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Father Bill Baer, Rector of St John Vianney Seminary (and Friend); Internet UTube Star

SJV Seminary: Become More of Who You Are!

Work Hard, Pray Hard, Play Hard!


Hat Tip to Fr. Dwight Longenecker, American Papist and Abbey Roads. I was really late on this one!

A wonderful vocations video done by the men of the archdiocesan St John Vianney Seminary at the University of St Thomas. Thanks to Archbishop Harry Flynn, soon to retire next month, for getting things in order over there!

The video is wonderful. Part I (Added April 2) More views and comments from Seminarians

Part II (Added April 1)

Here's a better view of Father Baer whose agent wasn't very good at negotiating his screen appearances.

Make copies for your pastor, Vocations Director


for young men thinking of becoming a priest

and/or a father

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