Friday, April 18, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Important - the Cannonball Award Winners, Locals

Boy, if I could only have two categories for our Minnesota Division, Spirituality and Humor would have been my choices. Just who in the heck is "Mother's Pride?" I think Our Ironic wuz robbed!

Congratulations, Terry and Sanctus! (of course Terry, who has so many blogs, it probably was difficult for him not to win).

Best Spiritual Treat Blog
Abbey Roads2- 42 votes
Runner Up Our Lady's Tears- 27 votes

Best Hifreakinlarious Blog
Mother's Pride- 71 votes
The Crescat- 71 votes
Runner Up Ironic Catholic- 46 votes

Here's the Rest of the Story.

I'm gonna have to nominate myself next year.

And the rest of you Minnesodans, you wuz robbed too.
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