Saturday, November 15, 2008

Homosexuals to protest democracy

One thing you can be sure of, if any homosexual anywhere in the world feels slighted, you can bet those who don't have any experience of being slighted, even living thousands of miles away, will be sure to protest. Not having children of course, they have lots of time on their hands.

The protest of course is over the fact that the voters have decided in California, Arizona and Florida that homosexuals can't get married. One wonders why they want to get married. They have a "civil union" law in California. I guess it's probably because they want to be like normal people. Being abnormal must affect them that way.

You can be sure, if they get their way in those three states (they already have judicially created laws in Massachusetts and Connecticut), then they next will be requiring laws that no religious test may be given them and that the Catholic Church will be required to ordain homosexual priests.

Now homosexual predators have already cost the Church $3,000,000,000. That's billion, people. I wonder how many more billions they want the Church to pay out so homosexual predators can achieve gratification with ease.

Then once they get their homosexual priests, they will of course remove 7 of the ten commandments and re-write Canon Law so that their abnormal obsessions will be permitted by the Church.

We're in a war, people. And our new president is their Commander-in-Chief. You better believe there are 1,000 or more homosexual lobbyists lining up in Washington D. C. call in their "owe-me's" for support before the election.

NOTE: All protests are scheduled for Saturday, November 15th, 12:30 pm, with the exception of the St. Paul protest which will take place at 3:00 p.m.

Hennepin County Government Center
350 S. 5th St, Minneapolis

St. Paul
Minnesota State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd

MN Power Plaza at Lake Ave. and Superior Street

Fargo (west) side of the Veterans Memorial Bridge on Main Ave.
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