Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's amazing how many people equate the evils of abortion and capital punishment

Many people truly don't realize the impact of abortion and are horrified that the Church isn't having martyrs to the end of capital punishment or the war in the Middle East.

Let's see, 42 individuals were executed last year. 1,000,000 babies were murdered in the womb. All of the executed were found legally guilty of a crime. It would be a tragedy if any of the executed were not guilty in fact.

The babies were guilty of nothing.

2,000 are on "death row." The vast majority of them will die of old age having been given fabulous medical care and free legal services to extend their lives.

People who are upset about legal excutions in the face of unlimited abortions remind me of the ACLU in their policy of removing God from government. They're good people, but they pick an easy target and ignore the real horrors of life.

The ACLU chooses crucifixes in cemeteries and courtrooms and schools as their target and intimidate small governments who can't afford litigation against an organization with virtually unlimited legal assets.

If the ACLU really had guts, and really believed in their mission, other than as a fund raising gimmick, they would go after:

1: Removing "God" from our money
2: Changing the names of Corpus Christi, TX, San Francisco, CA, Sacramento, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and all the other cities and geographical landmarks that have religious names
3: Remove the image of "Moses the Lawgiver" from the U.S. Supreme Court Building and all other religious images from government buildings and monuments.
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