Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tragedy in New Mexico; Guv Calls Out the Guard!

Michael's Has A Craft Sale, Five DREs Hospitalized

Advanced Religious Ed project: Risen Jesus created with peeps, left.

Sante Fe, New Mexico: In what the diocese is calling "an unfortunate coincidence," five local directors of religious education were trampled in a 75% off craft sale at Michael's Arts and Crafts this Monday morning.

Mary Elizabeth Hunt of St. Alphonsus Ligouri Parish, speaking through a swath of bandages covering her bloody face, said "I thought we were going to help the parish come under budget this year, for once, when I saw the sale paper. I mean, popsicle sticks, 1000 for $1! Think how many decorative crosses that would have made." Her eyes welled with tears. "And the pipe cleaners...they even had liturgical colors in stock." Continued Inside

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