Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Other Things I Found when I was Looking up Something Else! - Catholic Downloads

I occasionally glance at the business pages when I see articles about the big music companies complaining about all the people who are copying popular music and not paying for it. Some musicians say they don't mind; some do. Some systems have been set up, I guess, where people can download for a very nominal price. I guess maybe if an artist gets only $1 a song and 100,000 people download it and the artist doesn't have to pay producers, agents, etc, maybe they are better off. I just wonder about it but don't lose any sleep over it, figuring I'd never be downloading any music.

Well, tonight, looking for something else, I came across a web site called Keep the Faith, Inc., which has Catholic music, lectures, and inspirational talks available for downloading for only a buck. If it works for Mammon, why can't it work for the Lord?

I'm going to be downloading two lectures on Sacred Music by Msgr. Richard Schuler right now. I wonder if the Msgr's estate gets a taste?

I should mention that EWTN Television has many of their programs available on audio and video that you can listen to and view and download at no charge. Many of these programs on the Faith, on the Catechism, on Church History, on Spirituality, and many other topics are really great. And they're FREE!

Click on the Libraries and Multi-Media categories on EWTN's home page.

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