Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shy and Retiring, Father John Trigilio, Speaks Out on the Sacrilege of PZ Myers

Father John Trigilio, a parish priest of Harrisburg, PA, and a regular on the EWTN television network, a member of the Congregation of Catholic Clergy, has a comment today on the sacrilege that took place in Morris. Father Trigilio blogs somewhat frequently at The Black Biretta! Check him out!

Biologists are entitled to their personal opinion as are artists, philosophers, theologians, politicians and clergymen. The crux of the issue, however, is when is it appropriate and in what appropriate manner should they publicize their opinion? Do you feel it proper for your physician to give you his or her political opinions? Would you want your plumber debating you on your views of patriotism? Then why would we want biologists ridiculing and attacking someone else's religion?

When theologians of the Middle Ages gave their opinions on the debate over the geocentric vs heliocentric solar system, scientists today denounced it. When scientists today give not only opinion but add vitriolic and hateful language to show utter contempt for the most sacred beliefs of a major world religion (over one BILLION members), then they are as guilty as those they chastised in centuries ago for doing the same thing.

It is one thing to give objective scientific data or expert opinion on a scientific matter. It is inappropriate, however, for a scientist to show such disrespect and irreverence for something held sacrosanct by millions of others.

My point is that the very ACT of publicly desecrating a religious artifact is unprofessional at least and repugnant and reprehensible at worst. We used to be a civil nation, showing respect for others even those with whom we disagree. Now, there seems to be a rush to offend and humiliate rather than rationally discuss and debate. See more at his original post at The Black Biretta

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