Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I hate about blogs

I admit that I am addicted to blogging, reading and writing them. I would justify that, I hope, by learning things, keeping the geezer mind active and stimulating other Catholic minds.

But what I absolutely hate about blogs (and online newspaper articles) are the meaningless or pun-filled headlines that they use to attract readers to their blogs or papers.

Tell me, are you attracted by this blog post today by one of the St. Blog's Parish's premier blog stars? "Yeah, whatever."

I for one won't read it. There are too many other things to read (and write) that I don't need to go exploring.


Terry Nelson said...


Just kidding.

Unknown said...

Well, if the title doesn't interest me, It is far less likely that I will read the post.

To be Frank or Earl or Jeffrey.