Monday, May 3, 2010

Laura the Crazy Mama just had her umpteenth kid

If you wanto to see some great photos of God in action, stop by here to meet Evangeline! [There were no pictures like these when I popped out after an extremely hard labor some 68 years ago]. And I learned a heckuva lot about childbirth tonight that I had become resigned to the fact that I would never learn. I think I would have needed a sedative if I had been in that room.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Ray? YOU are the one who is going to be the newbie at my next delivery. Ha! An offer you can not refuse! I WAS going to offer the position to a priest (really, how often do they get an opportunity to attend a birth?) but I think God is calling me to ask you. SO, if you aren't doing anything two or three years from now, how about it? ;)
(if it's a boy, I'd seriously consider "Ray" for the middle name)

Unknown said...

Two conditions, Craze!

You gotta have a gallon or two of valium (or modern equivalent) standing by for me.

I'm blocking out June and July on my calendar for next year for your next blessed event. I don't think you'll be able to wait two or three years.

The pictures of your kids with their new baby sister are some of the most darling and fabulous I've ever seen.

I think I was probably about 10 when my Mom trusted me with holding my youngest sister.