Monday, November 29, 2010

Catholic Charities' Year-end Fundraising Campaign


Minnesota charities are ramping up their year-end fundraising campaigns.

Twin Cities Catholic Charities serves about 37,000 people each year on average -- with 1.2 million meals and 400,000 nights of shelter. The group says it's working to increase donations for the holidays.

Catholic Charities hopes to raise more than $8 million of its $36 million budget from individuals, corporations and foundations. Spokeswoman Rebecca Lentz says this is a crucial time of year for fundraising because demand for services is up.

"In some ways we get hit twice -- one, because our donors are impacted by the economy; and two, because of the increased volume and demand for our services."

Lentz says people most need basic items like socks, pajamas, and coats. Catholic Charities is also seeking volunteers to help with outreach. Minnesota Public Radio

How 'bout writing them a check this Christmas?

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