Friday, November 19, 2010

New facility at St. Odilia to offer care at end of life

A new facility will bring eight chronically or terminally-ill people to St. Odilia in Shoreview for end-of-life care in the next few months.

A 6,000-square-foot facility named Saint Therese at St. Odilia is scheduled to open in January. The building, formerly the priory of the Crosier Fathers and Brothers, currently is being renovated to accommodate up to eight residents at a cost of $700,000. . . .

Eventually, the parish decided to use one of the buildings for a rectory for priests and another for staff offices to free up space in the church and school building for a new pre-school program. That left the priory, which the committee continued to address.

[They decided to open ] a facility designed to offer end-of-life care, including hospice, in a setting that feels homey for both residents and their families.

Residents will have their own rooms, with space for family and friends to gather around them. Also, they will be in close proximity to both the parish and school, which will mean regular contact with parish staff, parishioners and students at the school. . . . Read more at the Catholic Spirit

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