Saturday, February 12, 2011

Abp. Nienstedt: Letter to the Star Tribune on Abortion

Abortion editorial

Board got it wrong, board got it right

I write to express my concern and dismay regarding the Star Tribune's Feb. 8 editorial "Reject new limits on abortion rights."

I agree that reasonable people may differ over abortion based on health, moral, religious and privacy concerns. I cannot, however, agree with the idea that the taking of an innocent life is a woman's right.

The 1973 Supreme Court decision wasn't based on a "woman's right to choose" but rather on the right to privacy. I believe that it is misleading to suggest this decision affirms that, if a woman wants to have an abortion, taxpayers are expected to pay for it.

While it is reasonable to affirm a person's right to basic health care, it's also misleading to say that an elective abortion is a health issue.

Citizens do disagree on civil and legal matters, and when they do, legislative bodies react to their constituents. This is the process we are now seeing played out in Minnesota.

It's democracy at its best.


The writer is archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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Anonymous said...

Now THAT's a letter to the editor! yall are so lucky to have such an archbishop. May God continue to bless him!

Happy St Valentine's Day, dear Ray!! :-)