Monday, November 6, 2006

Regional Catholic Bloggers Who Post Frequently: Nov 6


I.C. at
The Ironic Catholic) (Humor)
More Top 100 Ironic Reasons To Be Catholic: #60-51
Truth is Stranger #25: The Chosen Beer
Caption Contest #7 (The Winner: Jennifer!)
An oldie but goodie: How The Bible Would Be Different If Written By College Students

Cathy of Alex at
Recovering Dissident Catholic (Personal, Spiritual, NASCAR)
Sports Weekend
Merry CHRISTmas!
Personal Saints
Active Participation
All Souls Day

Terry at
Abbey-Roads) (Personal, Spirituality, Arts, Culture)
Mr. Rigby
Long Time Companions
The Vampire - a gay metaphor? (REVISED)
The humble exalted.

Adoro at
Adoro Te Devote) (Young Catholic, Personal)
Voting for LIFE
Dude! I'm gettin' a DELL!
Prep for RCIA this week- Prayers needed!
"You have to Suffer for What You Love"

Sr. Edith at
Monastic Musings) (Sociology Professor)
Restoration - The Baltimore Basilica
Church Sign 4: How to Destroy an Enemy
Architecture of Happiness
Global Partnerships Microfinance Introductory Vide...

Sue at
Desperate Irish Housewife) (Humor, Political)
A Great Idea (Contributing Books to Troops in Iraq)
Vote Democrat. Vote Terrorist.
What Churchill Really Said
Kerrymouth Spreads

John Paul at
Orbis Catholicus) (Student in Rome)
Catholic pilgrim at the Vatican: with mantilla!
Tridentine Rite Catacomb Mass...
Recessional at the Catacomb Mass...
Gospel Procession at the Catacomb Mass...

Sharon at
Clairity’s Place) (English Instructor, Photographer)
The Aesthetics of Bodyworlds (at the St Paul Science Museum)
The World's Strongest Dad (Dick Hoyt and his Disabled Son)
Flight, Photo
The Limbo of Guantanamo

Future Priests of the Third Millenium (St Paul Seminary)
Borromeo Weekend **** MUST READ!
Cardinal Martino celebrates Mass and declares holiday
On the Game (between St. Paul Seminary and SJV)...
Altar Servers

The Hadleys at
Our Word (Music, Arts, Literature)
This Just In (Fortune Cookie Writer Fired; Claims Bias)
This Hoffmann a Tale Worth Telling
Anyone for Tennyson?
Bobby's Reflections

Father “Z”, Rome, at
What Does the Prayer Really Say) (Translations, Vatican Subjects)
“no more than a project of the Colombian Cardinal”??? Maybe No indult?
8 November: upcoming transit of Mercury
Rumor of a rumor of a RUMOR of a rumored signing date
Benedict XVI: mortal sin leads to hell
Traditionalist “violence and arrogance”

Tim Drake, St Joseph, MN,
Sen. Writer at the Nat’l Catholic Register
Marriage at Stake In New Jersey
Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Scholarship
Magnificent Mother of the Missions

Thomas from a tiny town in way SE MN at
In defense of the Catholic Medical Association (Homosexuality and Hope)
Out of the mouths of babes
Reuterville's misleading again
Home Is the Soldier From War

Catholic Defense League (Minnesota)
UofMN Rejects Minnesota Bishops’ Request
Halloween Making Way for “White Feast”
Mum’s the Word on Homosexuality
Careful!!! “Memories fade, but the Internet is forever.”
The Pope and the Witch - Description of Play ***


“Love2Learn Mom” at
Studeo) (Home Schooling)
The God in the Cave part IX (final)
Laughing Babies
Submit a Condolence to Hilda Van Stockum's Family
I really like DVDs, but...

Catholic Dad at
Catholic Family Campaign
Catholics against the Church (Missouri)
Blame it on his faith
A step in the right direction
Ten Commandment tips for Parents - part 10

Joseph at
Catholic Interest (Current Events)
Familiar Christians
Courage wanting
For many Muslims, Malaysia offers a model of how ...
Same worthy thing, different goals

South Dakota

Father Dana from Sioux Falls at
White Around the Collar
Document on Purifying Vessels

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