Friday, November 3, 2006

Regional Catholic Bloggers Who Post Frequently: Nov. 3


Cathy of Alex at
Recovering Dissident Catholic (Spiritual, Baseball)Active Participation
All Souls Day
All Saints
15 Years Ago Today..It Snowed and It Snowed.... ****

Terry at
Abbey-Roads) (Spirituality, Arts, Culture)
The Vocation of Lay Brother
All Souls - remembering the souls in Purgatory.
All Hallows Eve
Failure to thrive.

Sue at
Desperate Irish Housewife) (Humor, Political)
Vote Democrat. Vote Terrorist.
What Churchill Really Said
Kerrymouth Spreads
Still Sleazy

John Paul at
Orbis Catholicus) (Student in Rome)
Gospel Procession at the Catacomb Mass...
Gospel at the Catacomb Mass...
Schola Cantorum at the Catacomb Mass...
Two angels: we study in Rome!
See all the toys here...
Update on Reggie: our Latin is back!

Sharon at
Clairity’s Place) (English Instructor, Photographer)
The Limbo of Guantanamo
Shadowed Lace, Poemage
Cloud Bay Sunrise, Photo
The Invisible Cage, Review

The Hadleys at
Our Word (Music, Arts, Literature)
Anyone for Tennyson?
Bobby's Reflections
October Surprise
Callas Part II

Father “Z”, Rome, at
What Does the Prayer Really Say) (Translations, Vatican Subjects)
Brasilian Catholics: 1991-83% & 2005-67%
4th Glorious Mystery: The Assumption
The Remnant” newspaper vs Archbishop Ranjith
Musings about Curial appointments

Catholic Defense League (Minnesota)
Halloween Making Way for “White Feast”
Mum’s the Word on Homosexuality
Careful!!! “Memories fade, but the Internet is forever.”
The Pope and the Witch - Description of Play ***


“Love2Learn Mom” at
Studeo) (Home Schooling)Hilda Van Stockum (1908-2006)
Catholic Homeschool Carnival #2
"It's All Good"
All Saints Day

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