Monday, November 20, 2006

St Paul Seminary Vocation Videos Available


This past year, a camera crew had been following seminarians around in a quest to capture our life here at St. Paul Seminary. In several interviews and much filming of our life they produced a video to promote vocations. The fruits of this work can be seen on our
website here.

This video is only one instantiation of this new form of promoting vocations. The USCCB has a wonderful 18 minute long video,
Fishers of Men, that will undoubtedly spur many men to consider a vocation to the priestly life. If you want a full copy of this video go here.

Another good video is one where
John Paul II talks about his own vocation as a priest.

The last one that I know of is the film produced after the
Blessed Sacrament was processed through the busy streets of New York.
Mike: Future Priests of the Third Millenium

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